Cheap (and free) calls via the network
  1. Just sign up your current phone number(s) and you are set to go.
  2. As soon as the registration is completed, you can dial 1899 or the access number before each call and you will profit from the lowest rates around. You will hear the free rate message prior to each call (this service is optional). This ensures you that you are calling via our network and provides you with accurate info about the current rate.
  3. Signing up is free and without any obligations. There are no subscription costs, no monthly or minimal fees or any form of prepayment. You can monitor all your calls virtually in realtime via this website. Simply login by using your phone number and your 1899 customer number (which you will find in your subscription email).
  4. We accept various popular payment methods. We will not send any invoices by post. Instead you can check all your invoices via your personal pages on this website.
  • Callers must obtain the bill payers permission before calling.
  • Charging will start directly after the spoken tariff information, you will also be charged if the number you wish to call isn't answered or is engaged.
  • So please hang up if you notice the other side will not answer to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Network extras may apply.
  • Network extras may apply.